Monday, August 31, 2009


The market is quite boring right now, and I do not find anything worth trading. It seems like this week will be very slow going into the three-day weekend :-(


Anonymous said...


concentrate, anarco, concentrate

bl said...

They are there everyday: say sppi sva kfn bhi cenx on 30' charts, insur, bank reversals: ago gnw fitb hban. Get a WL or GapL. Alot of cheap stocks today that rocked! Hang in there.

bl said...


Trader Kirk said...

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Stewie said...

hey anarco! Long time no talk or seen you post. Hope you are well bro! missed ya pal!

Anonymous said... also addressed this. Great site.

timo4sho said...

Hey Anarco,

it's been some time since you last published a post here. Are you still trading? Why did you stop writing this awesome blog?

I hope you are well and get back to blogging ;-)

All the best!


investment in farmland said...

Totally agree

Johnny Castillo said...

why haven't you posted in a while?

miss this great blog!

nitu mishra said...

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